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When the eye doctor is going blind, we really have a problem on our hands!

Believe it or not, this happened to me. I am an eye doctor who had perfect vision and a clean bill of health. Then, I was diagnosed with a potentially blinding eye disease at the age of thirty-five. I was given thirty days of sight when I took my vision's fate into my own hands.

I devised a plan to reverse my eye disease using nutrition and lifestyle changes. When I went to my eye specialist and found that my plan was successful, I knew that I wanted to become as informed as possible in the nutrition field. I become one of three optometrists in the nation with a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. Now I feel compelled to share my knowledge with as many people as possible to help others save their vision.

In Beyond Carrots, I tell my story and share the emotions that go along with a diagnosis of possible blindness. It is amazing how the body is truly connected to the eyes. What happens to the body directly impacts your vision. So, regardless of whether or not you are experiencing a potential eye disease, Beyond Carrots can help better your health!

The causes of some of the most common eye diseases are discussed.

You will find out how to reverse those diseases through simple lifestyle changes and how certain foods can impact eye health. To top it all off, the Beyond Carrots Plan puts it all together with a step-by-step plan to reversing eye disease. By following this plan, your eyes will not be the only area of your life that will benefit. Upon the completion of your Beyond Carrots journey, you feel better, think clearer, and improve your vision. So, let's get started!

This week we are talking with Dr. Britney Caruso, author of Beyond Carrtos! Welcome to Martin Matthews Writes!

It's a pleasure to be here.

Well, before we delve into the book, tell us a little about yourself, Dr. Caruso.

I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago. I have always been a very hard worker. In fact, my second grade teacher told me that if I did not stop working so hard, I would burn out. Almost 40 years later, I am still running 100 mph. I am a single mother by choice with a boy who means the world to me.

Tell us a little about your new book, which I’m really excited about, because I have struggled with dry-eye for years now, and I want to learn more about nutrition-based eye care.

I am an eye doctor who was predicted to go blind. I was able to reverse my potentially blinding eye disease using lifestyle and nutrition. When I discovered the powerful effect that diet and lifestyle can have on the eyes, I felt compelled to put my knowledge on paper. This resulted in the publication of Beyond Carrots. The message I want my readers to grasp is Everything you do to your body or put in your body affects your eyes.

Where did the idea for this book come from?

I draw my inspiration from my heart and I try to be genuine in my actions and my words. When I went to the doctor and saw that the diet and lifestyle plan that I devised reversed my eye disease, I knew that I would be an author.

By writing this book, I hope to unveil the importance of getting a complete eye exam every year. Many people do not realize that a clean bill of health does not always translate to healthy eyes. Eye disease can happen to anyone at any time. I am your Exhibit “A”.

Who or what are some of your biggest influences?

I absolutely LOVE the 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma. I have adopted most of his protocols in my life.

What are you currently reading?

The Message by Eugene H. Peterson

Nice! Are you working on another book project? Can you tell us anything about it?

My next project is to create an online course to supplement my book.

That sounds like a great plan!

What do you like to do when you're not writing? Full-time job, pets, hobbies?

I am a full time doctor and I have two Target Optical practices. One of my offices is the busiest Target Optical in America. I have the best group of doctors and technicians and I absolutely love working at Target Optical. My patients are like family to me. I am truly blessed. I am also a single mother to a loving, sweet, little boy who showers me with hugs every day. My family is very important to me and I love my time with them. My mom is my best friend and we shop til we drop finding the best deals. I also love my workouts with resistance training, swimming, and yoga.

Thanks for stopping by and chatting with me today Dr. Caruso! It’s been a pleasure!

Thank you for your time, Martin.

Dr. Britney Caruso

I am an eye doctor who was projected to go blind. I found my own eye disease and reversed my eye disease using the power of nutrition and lifestyle. When I found the powerful effect that diet and lifestyle can have on your eyes, I got the highest level of certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and wrote the book, Beyond Carrots.

Make sure to connect with Dr. Britney Caruso today!


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